I am pleased to announce the release of DZone Reader android app. It’s a productivity app helping developers to keep up with the latest news & blogs from tech community. Some of the features include creating tabs for the topics of interest from Tagcloud and sharing links via Android right from the app. Here is the QR Code for easy installation from Android market.

Thoughts, feedback and comments?

4 thoughts on “DZone Reader android app

  1. Hey Siddique – are you still supporting this app? I just got a Nexus 7 and installed your app. It appears to be breaking.


  2. Interesting…. Its working fine in Galaxy series tablets & phones. I’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting :)

  3. I really like the app but, frustratingly, it frequently forgets my topic settings. It’d also be nice if the number of articles limit could be set higher (50 or 100?)

    Thanks for a nice app.

  4. Forgetting topic settings is an Android issue. I need to do some fallbacking so, it can be persisted always. Sure, I’ll bump up the article limit to 50 or something.

    Thanks for reporting this :)

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