Here are some of the ideas for Google Summer of Code 2011

  1. Wikipedia HTML5 Application
    The idea of this webapp is to leverage the power of HTML5 features for Wikipedia users by providing a richer & smarter UI. Initially, I am thinking of developing a Chrome extension (which can also work as Chrome web store app) and hopefully extending it to other platforms like Android, iOS etc. 

    Some of the features include automatic pulling of daily featured articles & featured images and storing in the local SQLite database. And, it should also provide the users to flip through the content using seamless HTML5/CSS3 page flipping/navigation mechanisms. Not to mention, it should work in offline mode if the content is already available in the local machine. I am also thinking of creating some sort of linking/presentation approaches for related pages in Wikipedia.

    Another important point worth mentioning here is, this webapp should support all the major Wikipedia supported languages. Obviously, there is quite a bit of challenge interms of internationalization & stuff.

    I have already developed a Wikipedia chrome extension, which is at the very basic stage –

    We can either extend that extension or possibly create a new one depending on the need.

  2. Personal Media/Content Manager With Versioning Support
    After we stepped into the so called “digital age” we have been accumulating endless amount of bits & bytes of data (in the form of photos, music, video, docs etc.) into the storage space (PC, Cloud etc.). But, most of the time we are very reluctant or hesitant to organize them in a more sustainable or streamlined way, because we always have the fear of “losing them”. In a nutshell, we dont have the ability to organize the personal media/file content in a more efficient way.

    I am thinking of creating an application where we can add versioning support to files & folders and also have the ability to provide tags/descriptions/metadata to them. The reason we need to have a versioning support is because, we should be able to delete/move file contents between different grouping structures without the fear of losing any of it. Software developers have always enjoyed the advantage of storing source code in VCS system. So, I am thinking of taking it to the common user for all file contents by providing versioning support under the hood.

    Applications and services like Picasa, Flickr, Google Docs, Drop box would definitely provide great deal of advantage in managing personal/media file storage. But, as far as I know, they dont have inherent support for versioning, atleast in a non-cloud storage scenario. Some of the features we can incorporate here is backup support to external drives, FTP, cloud storage space etc.

    So, this app will be developed with GIT as the core file storage medium and NodeJS as the controller technology and some good UI framework for the presentation. They all open for discussions/ suggestions.

Please feel free to share your comments, thoughts, suggestions or questions.

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