1. Link/media sharing framework for iOS & Android (HTML5 based)

    There is no doubt sharing links, pictures, videos etc. have become a common pop culture in today’s socially connected web world. This culture seemingly growing more & more with the evolution/advancement of mobile platforms & technologies. Android OS have a native support for sharing contents using share intents. Whereas, iOS doesn’t have a similar approach that is available out-of-box. Since HTML5 is getting more mature & also getting more popular by mobile application developers, it would be nice to have a common framework which can help with this task. So, an app developer using common codebase between iOS, Android or perhaps other platforms will be able to use this framework to develop apps which can help the end-users sharing more content and socially connected. The challenge to this framework is that adding or updating sharing service (like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.) should be seamless, perhaps using OAuth authentication and also visually look & feel like its native counterparts.

  2. Simple recommendation engine
    Google Predict is a highly valuable free service for machine learning tasks. However, it is too broad or generic where it can cater to various kinds of machine learning usages. I am envisioning some kind of a wrapper around Google predict, which can be used for simple recommendation engine type usages. For instance if we have a basic RSS feed reader/link aggregator, we can generate a UUID for the end user (Desktop/Mobile) and store it in cookie or localStorage and keep track of the links the user visits & publish it to the recommendation engine. Once we have some recommendations available for the user, we’ll be able to display those recommendations that the user might be interested in. This service should be easily embeddable, may be a JavaScript embed for web usages or a simple mobile based framework.

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